The 100 Things I'd Rather Hold Than My Phone

2017 is about clarity for me.

It's about getting the messes and the noise out of the way so I can focus on Him-- so I can hear His voice, follow His will, answer His call.

I can't do that when my phone's in my hand, when my thumbs are busy scrolling through newsfeeds, when my eyes are glued to the glowing screen.

I recently saw Erin share about an article she read called "100 Things I’d Rather Hold in My Hands Than My Phone in 2017" from Colleen Mitchell, and it was a beautiful, powerful, challenging way of thinking about how I want to live this year.

Then, I saw Aliza share her own version of the list, and it struck me as meaningful and powerful and necessary all over again.

So, I decided to dream up my own.

Here are 100 things I would rather hold than my iPhone:

  1. My study Bible
  2. A handmade mug of coffee
  3. A bouquet of wildflowers from the farmer's market
  4. My dog's leash
  5. A camera
  6. Lots and lots of books
  7. My Moleskine journal
  8. Paintbrushes
  9. Wooden spoons in the kitchen
  10. A guitar as I learn to play
  11. The tiny hands of the kiddos I babysit
  12. Puzzle pieces
  13. My favorite markers for handlettering
  14. Freshly fallen autumn leaves
  15. Fistfuls of dirt in the garden
  16. Board game pieces
  17. A glass of fresh pressed juice
  18. A collection of poetry
  19. My PowerSheets
  20. Tacos
  21. Free weights
  22. My yoga mat and strap
  23. A big glass of red wine
  24. Big bunches of kale
  25. Apples I've picked from the orchard trees
  26. Tiny new babies
  27. A wiggly puppy
  28. My journaling Bible
  29. Decorations for parties hosted at my home
  30. Big mugs of soy chai lattes
  31. Snail mail
  32. Blades of grass
  33. Handfuls of water from the James River
  34. Pages of my sketchbooks
  35. The hands of my family in prayer around the dinner table
  36. My steering wheel as I drive off on adventures
  37. Packets of wildflower seeds
  38. My 5k and 10k race bibs
  39. The cracker and cup of juice at the communion table
  40. A brand new ink pen
  41. The handle of the coffeepot
  42. My hair as I learn new braids
  43. Flowers picked from the side of the road in spring
  44. A kayak paddle
  45. A really good gluten-free vegan pizza slice
  46. Airplane boarding passes
  47. A bowl of fruit sorbet
  48. The keys of my piano
  49. Bags of clothes to donate
  50. Chatbooks full of my Instagrams 
  51. Classic books found at my used bookstore
  52. My tiny essential oil bottles
  53. Dishes in a soapy sink
  54. A moscow mule in a copper mug
  55. Oven mitts
  56. Big bowls of pasta
  57. The keys of my laptop as I share blog posts
  58. My own clasped hands in prayer
  59. Stickers and paint and washi tape for my journaling Bible
  60. Wrapped presents to give
  61. An umbrella on rainy days
  62. Ticket stubs from concerts
  63. A 3D pen with the boys I babysit
  64. Magazines full of vegan recipes
  65. Cards in the mail from my grandma on holidays
  66. Measuring spoons and cups
  67. The map to a new art museum
  68. A bottle of black nail polish
  69. Big, cozy blankets on the couch
  70. The stakes that will keep our tent up while camping
  71. The handlebars of a bike
  72. A walking stick on a long mountainous hike
  73. An infuser of looseleaf tea
  74. Food truck meals at street festivals
  75. Tall glasses of chilled cider
  76. Index cards I've doodled on
  77. Fresh citrus fruits I'm juicing
  78. Devotional books
  79. Logs to add to the bonfire
  80. Homemade popsicles on sunny days
  81. Bowling balls at the alley with friends
  82. Cotton candy at the baseball diamond
  83. My suitcase and weekend bag
  84. Crates of fresh blackberries
  85. The straps of my hammock as I hang it from two trees
  86. The door open for people behind me
  87. Mason jars of ice water
  88. My hands open in worship
  89. Bunches of eucalyptus
  90. Chipotle
  91. Candles and pretty matchboxes
  92. Stacks of freshly folded laundry
  93. Mimosas in champagne flutes
  94. Bowls of popcorn
  95. The laces of my sneakers
  96. My letter board as I spell out new encouraging words
  97. The jar of coins and bills saved up
  98. Chopsticks at my favorite Thai restaurant
  99. A grocery list
  100. Pages of answered prayers and ones I'm still bringing before Him