Why I LOVE Using Powersheets

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I have always, ALWAYS rebelled against goal setting and structured planners... until these guys.

I knew blogger friends who have used Powersheets for years and blogged their goals every month and got super excited about new products launching, and I never got it... until I got my own.

These goal planners are GENIUS. They really have changed how I set intentions, how I focus my energy, and how I prioritize and balance all the different pieces of my life, and I'm so grateful. I've even become an affiliate, because I legitimately love and believe in these planners THAT MUCH. (That also means I'll get a little bonus if you shop through my links, but it won't cost you a cent and I will be so grateful! Plus, then we can talk ALL THINGS POWERSHEETS!)

You can preorder your 2018 Powersheets TODAY (!!!), and while I'd highly recommend you do so (seriously), I also know I would need some convincing. So! Here are a few sneak peeks into my Powersheets from the last few months to show you what I use them for and why I love them so much!

I currently use the 6-month undated set (there are three colors and the covers this year are BEAUTIFUL-- especially the neutral!) but there is also a one-year dated set that goes from January through December (this is what I'll be using for 2018 to have everything in one place all year!).

I wrote a post back in January about getting started with my Powersheets here, and if you're wondering where to begin, start there!

2018 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner

Here's what I'm loving about my Powersheets now that I've been using them since January!

ps-- the pictures with my handwriting are all from my 2017 Powersheets, and I'll add in some photos of the new yet-to-be-used 2018 Powersheets at the end of this post too so you can see what yours will look like!

I legitimately make progress on my goals now. Admittedly, I rarely achieve 100% on all my monthly, weekly, and daily goals, but even just taking intentional time to set them helps me focus my life on what really matters.

As you can see above, August was a pretty solid month! Some of those goals were easy to check off (like a work trip to Nashville-- so fun!) and some were more challenging (like attempting to not drink any coffee or alcohol!) but having them on paper meant I actually kept them in mind as the month went on. 

It's incredibly helpful to break goals down into these three different categories on the monthly tending list -- the big picture goals go under monthly (or things like book goals, major events, trips, etc), my weekly goals tend to be a little more specific and are often time-based things (like going to counseling, cooking from a new recipe, spending quality time with a friend), and daily goals are the repetitive things that I might still forget otherwise (like taking vitamins-- WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO REMEMBER-- and watering my garden).

These "what's ahead" pages are at the start of each new month as a way to prepare for setting your goals, and while I don't usually spend a lot of time here, I love noting the important things on my calendar and my to-do list, while also recording what I'm excited for! And yes, books are ALWAYS something to be excited for. ;)

These "let it go" pages are also at the beginning of the month before setting your tending list goals, and they're a great place for processing. I don't always write a ton out here either, but love the space to dump out everything that's consuming my mind as a way of working through what really matters before setting my goals. Often, this helps inform what I set as my goals, which wouldn't be as easy if I hadn't written it all down first!

I LOVE these pages -- they're at the end of every month, to be used as a reflection for how that month turned out. I love taking the time to really make note of the people I'm grateful for and why, what progress I'm celebrating, and where I'm giving myself grace instead of feeling guilty. I love taking a few moments to record everything here, and love looking back on these pages to see the highlights of every month.

And lastly... STICKERS. You guys, I'm the MOST anti-color person you will ever meet, but this little sticker book has me putting colorful little stickers ALL OVER THE PLACE in my Powersheets! They are so fun and add so much life and joy to these pages. I've even embraced colored markers so much more lately in my Powersheets-- they really do make things more fun!

The sticker books are revamped this year with 5 more pages of stickers for the same price -- I use probably 10 or so every month on my tending lists and still have SO, so many! Like my book right now has 15 pages of stickers-- flags, dots, "I love this" and "I'm grateful for this" phrases, sprouts and flowers, cute little "bill due" and "appointment" reminders, fun little praise hands and shopping carts, and on and on and on! They're so fun. I love them and can't wait to get the new book to have even more to spice my pages up with!

Also, the sticker books are just $12, so if nothing else, grab one of those little guys to use in whatever planner you have or your journal or bullet journal or WHATEVER!

A few more peeks at the 2018 Powersheets:

A few inside peeks at the 2018 PowerSheets One-Year Intentional Goal Planner from my Instagram story!

Here's what I put on my Instagram story this morning to give you all more peeks at the PowerSheets-- If you have any questions about Powersheets at all, I'd love to talk with you more about them, just drop me a comment below!

Since today is launch day (and they're likely to sell out quickly) -- don't wait and be sure to grab yours ASAP!