Cultivate // A Special Book Review

Lie: It’s impossible to start fresh or move forward.
Truth: I can move forward by digging in and breaking up the lies.
Cultivators nourish their soil with truth and let God redeem their dirt.
— Lara Casey, in chapter 4 of Cultivate

Cultivate: A Grace-Filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life (affiliate link!) was one of those books that as soon as I heard about it, I knew I would love it. I've been a fan of Lara Casey for a while-- she creates incredibly helpful and grace-filled products (like Powersheets, you all know I LOVE my Powersheets!) and has such a heart of gold that is evident in every Instagram post, Facebook live video, and email I see from her. If you're anything like me, you find that books by Christian women about faith can often feel cheesy and fake and shallow... but Lara writes in such a real and honest way that I find really meaningful and relevant.

The more I've heard about this book, the more I wanted to read it, and after just finishing it, the more I want to pass it along to friends.

It's an invitation to be a part of something more meaningful and intentional than chasing the seemingly perfect life. It's an invitation to believe that a flourishing life is possible, right where you are.

This book is such a refreshing read -- it's honest without being preachy, it's heartfelt without feeling cheesy, and it beautifully weaves gardening together with our lives of faith and the work we do both inward and outward. It has so many helpful questions and journaling spaces, which really add to the value of this book when it comes to what you can get out of it personally. I really, truly loved reading this one.

I love being part of the team that gets to share about the new things Lara and the Cultivate What Matters team puts out into the world, and I'm excited to share more about the preorder goodness that you can get if you grab this book before it releases June 27!

I received this book in exchange for my review from the publisher. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Cultivate launches June 27th, and you can preorder before June 26th to receive the six preorder bonuses listed below!

  • Cultivate Together Leader Guide

  • Quick Start Video from Lara to help guide you in facilitating a group study of Cultivate

  • Gardening 101 E-Book filled with 22 pages of helpful advice and resources for growing a garden

  • Citrus Grove Coloring Page for a restful and fun activity

  • Goal Gardening Worksheet from our best-selling PowerSheets intentional goal planner

  • Phone and computer desktop backgrounds to remind you to cultivate what matters most

Not sure if Cultivate is right for your season of life? (Spoiler alert: it is!) Read Lara’s blog post to dive into 10 common lies and truths to combat them and find the first three chapters of Cultivate to download for free!

I'll share my full review of Cultivate at the end of the month in my normal book review roundup post, too!