My Halfway Top Ten Books

I’m not entirely sure how we got more than halfway through 2019 already… but also, anything that makes the summer fly by faster so we can get to my beloved fall is GOOD WITH ME. It’s been such a solid year of reading so far, but thankfully, of the 80+ books I’ve read so far in 2019, I only gave 5-star ratings to 12! Picking my halfway top ten from that list wasn’t too terribly hard… these are all SUCH winners.

Here are my picks for my halfway top ten:

Here’s one sentence from my reviews of each of these picks:

  1. I seriously kept thinking “wait is this about a real band?!??” because it was just so well-written and engaging.

  2. I would give this one more than five stars if I could.

  3. I need to daily if not hourly if not EVERY DANG SECOND remember God and His kindness, and I’m just so moved by Annie’s story of learning to do the same.

  4. I haven’t even run a whole mile, so the thought of running 30, 50, 100... it’s WILD but was so fun to read about.

  5. This book has ruined me.

  6. I don’t even know what to say because I don’t want to ruin a single bit of it... but wow.

  7. I was screaming and gasping and freaking out all the way through the last few chapters... so yeah, it gets five stars from me.

  8. It’s like the enneagram and Urban Dictionary got blended up together and this book came out, or like an old personality type got a new makeover, complete with tattoos and piercings and a sassy new outfit.

  9. Not at all what I expected (the cover threw me off for some reason?) but as soon as I picked this one off my shelf and read the first few pages to see if I should return it or keep it, I was hooked!

  10. I didn’t expect to like this one and for some reason had in my mind that it would be cheesy Christian fiction, but I quickly fell in LOVE with it and legitimately didn’t want it to end.

What’s one book on your halfway top ten list?!