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Story Seeker Will Resume in 2015

On June 10, I wrote a blog post about a theme I had seen occurring consistently in my life, about a thread that was weaving through every dream, every conversation, every prayer, every book I was reading. 

This summer, I’m seeking stories. I’m sharing mine. I’m taking my New June challenge of a coffee date a week seriously, and I’m stepping out in boldness to ask people to join me. I’m going to be a story seeker.
— a June 10 blog post

On July 23, after praying and planning and ironing out all the details, the first story went live, and the response to it was overwhelming and exhilarating. I saw how incredible it was to put the words of someone else in the spotlight, to give their voice and their heart a space that was safe to share, to use my own words to encourage and affirm and love on them. I knew from that first story that this was going to change my heart and my life.

Since then, 14 stories have spilled out in this space. 14 people have stepped out in bold bravery to open up their hearts and welcome you in to their lives through their words. 14 people have left lasting impacts on my own heart as I've grown to see their truest, most real selves and fallen in love with their courage and vulnerability and strength.

The stories have shown me so much.

It's been beautiful. It's been intense. It's been heart-wrenching. It's been a celebration.

I can't wait to continue swapping and sharing stories. I have a handful of stories in the works with some wonderful people, but for the next few weeks, I'll be taking a break from posting them. With next Wednesday being Christmas Eve and the week after being New Year's Eve, it makes sense to step back from this and really be present with my family and the events of the next few weeks.

Don't worry-- Story Seeker isn't going anywhere. And if you're reading this and you want to learn more about what this looks like and how you can be a part of it, I would absolutely love to hear from you. If you've been hesitating and are unsure, just drop me an email and let's chat. You have a story whether you believe that or see that or not, and I would love to just open up my heart to you and get a glimpse into yours. It won't be scary, I promise. Even if we never publish it, just speaking life into your story with your words is freeing and healing and empowering and I would love to be part of that with you.

Just fill this out and let's start the conversation! I'll be back here with a whole new bunch of stories in 2015. See you then.

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want to swap stories? let me know. want to spill it out right here? i'm all ears. want to meet up for coffee? i'm down.