A New Look (yes...again!)

photo by my sweet friend Ashley Herrinton of  Herrinton Weddings

photo by my sweet friend Ashley Herrinton of Herrinton Weddings

If you've been visiting this site for any length of time, you've probably seen it undergo some visual changes. By some, I really mean quite a lot. 

I'm never 100% satisfied with the look and feel of this site and my blog, and I'm constantly tweaking templates and making my own changes. I have this list of things in my mind that I want my site to be and have and do, and I finally decided it would be good to write them down.

  • I want my site to be clean, have lots of white space and be simple, calming and aesthetically pleasing.
  • I want navigation to be clear, easy and unobtrusive.
  • I want my personality to shine through each page, whether through words or images, and for people who visit here to leave feeling like they know the real Rachel, and that they've seen Jesus through that as well. I never want the glory to come back to me, but to Him alone.
  • I want my site to be easily adaptable to new things, whether that be a new page hosting posts about adventures I've had recently (RADventures is too good to pass up on, don't you think?!) or a shop someday (stay tuned...). I want it to be flexible and to grow as I do.
  • I want to create all content on my site, from photos to graphics to blog posts (with the exception of posts from guest bloggers!), so it's as true to me as it can be.

o, with all of this in mind, I spent my weekend browsing around and brainstorming and working on what I feel is a cohesive, authentic design for my site. I would love to get your feedback and hear what you think of all the new changes! I'm sure it will continue to evolve over time, but for now, this feels right. It's a blessing to have a tiny corner of the Internet to call mine, and I hope that you are encouraged by it every time you visit. I love having you here!

Welcome to a new world!

Hi! You found me! Same address, whole new website!

I made the switch and finally have a new cohesive website and blog, and I am so excited about it. In the years I've been blogging, I've bounced around on different hosts and sites, and I finally feel like I'm settling in to one that feels really, really good. I was in high school when I started blogging, so I knew less than nothing about what I was doing. Things got a little more put-together in college when I created a site to be my portfolio and help me get a big girl job, but it still wasn't everything I wanted it to be.

But now, here we are. I hope you like it. I know I do.

All the same things will be here, my blog will be here, but new things will be here too. You'll see more photography as I dabble in that. You'll see more doodles as I play with pen and paper. You'll see all sorts of things that are pieces of my heart and my life, and I'm excited to share them with you.

As always, I want to hear from you. Send me a message down below, tweet at me, write me a letter, whatever. I'm all about hearing people's stories and sharing mine, so let's do it!

Take a look around, and let me know what you think! Welcome to my new little world.