Boundaries // REVIEW


This book will change your life. Enough said. ...But I'll say more... This book was one I have heard about for years, but resisted reading. (That totally should have been a sign I needed to read it!) No matter who you are, what relationships you have, or what your personality is like, this book will absolutely help you to create boundaries in the best ways, in order to help you (and others) live your best life. It's helpful, encouraging, wise, and thorough. This book helped dispel any myth you might be believing about setting boundaries, and it gave such helpful perspectives on what healthy, solid boundaries look like. I appreciated how many stories and anecdotes were included-- it made it feel like there was less pressure on me, and that I wasn't alone in the need for creating better structure and boundaries in my own life, work, and relationships. I'll be changing and implementing so many things in my life because of this book, and I know I'll be so much better for it.

Thanks so much to BookLook Bloggers for sending me this one to review!