Is the Bible Good for Women? // REVIEW

Is the Bible Good for Women?: Seeking Clarity and Confidence Through a Jesus-Centered Understanding of Scripture by Wendy Alsup


THE PLOT: "Using a Jesus-centered understanding to look at both God's grand storyline and specific biblical passages, Alsup gives practical, accessible tools for understanding the noble ways God speaks to and about women in its pages and the dignity He places on His daughters." (from here)

THE THOUGHT: This one... I'm still not sure about. It's the kind of title that makes my blood boil, but I wanted to give it a chance. There were parts I loved. There were parts I vehemently hated. There were parts that made me think and consider things from a new angle (which I appreciate) and parts where I feel like she totally missed the mark and did more damage to the perception of what it means to be a woman than has already been done... (did not appreciate that). So, I don't know about this one. Interesting thoughts, glad I read them, but probably wouldn't recommend this one strongly.

THE DEETS: I received this one from Blogging for Books in exchange for my review.