List Love: round two

Remember the first time I did this list? I loved it so much, it's sticking around. Sometimes, on Fridays, you just need to dive in to a big list of verbs and make sense of the crazy of life in little bites. Here it is!


Making | lots of to-do lists. I have four pages of them at the moments. Yikes.

Cooking | tacos that are pretty much identical to my regular order at Don't Look Back (TVP, traditional style on corn tortillas) good, people. So good.

Drinking | Breakfast Blend from a k-cup, because if it's in the work kitchen, I'm going to drink it. Multiple cups of it. All day long.

Reading | Emma by Jane Austen. A classic.

Playing | more Pictionary in the last two weeks than ever in my life. I've learned I'm much better at guessing than drawing!

Deciding | to choose joy in every circumstance. (Easier said than done.)

Wishing | I had funds to fuel a worldwide adventure. The wanderlust bug has gotten me good this summer!

Enjoying | the little things, the last minute plans, the late nights, the busy calendar

Waiting | on the world to change (shout out to John Mayer) and praying with everything in me for peace to flood the globe and love to heal every hurt and wound. 

Liking | dark navy nailpolish. After School Boy Blazer by Essie is my current favorite.

Wondering | how it's possible that there have new been two 1787 weeks at JMU since I left. I miss that buzz of insane school spirit those first few weeks a new class of Dukes is on campus...enjoy the next four (or three if you're like me) years of your lives, class of 2018! (I'm old...)

Loving | this new soy (vegan and gluten-free!) "chorizo" from Trader Joe's...oh my yum. It has changed my life this week and I'll never be the same.

Pondering | what life would be like if I just packed up and moved to another country...I'm praying and dreaming big about what adventures the Lord might have in store for me!

Watching | this.

Hoping | for a cooler weather weekend so I can go on Richmond adventures. I'm feeling like just wandering this city on foot and taking pictures of anything and everything I find.

Marveling | at the massive, relentless, undeserved and shocking gift of sweet amazing grace. I spent one evening this week just listening to this version and journaling the lyrics and letting it all flood over me. I would strongly encourage you to read the words and really let them sink in to your soul.

Needing | to start packing for my trip to LA! (I am the worst packer. Maybe ever.)

Smelling | a fresh cup of first of many today, I'm sure.

Wearing | the best and softest purple skinny jeans I got in London when I studied abroad-- they're my favorite.

Following | lots of new incredibly passionate and creative women thanks to The Yellow Conference-- cannot wait to meet you all next week and spend a few days together!

Noticing | that the more I write, the happier I am. The opposite is also true. Dedicating time to pour my thoughts out on paper is so necessary, but it's always the first thing I sacrifice when my days fill up.

Thinking | of new blog post you have any? Want to try your hand at writing? The Rising would love to hear from you!

Admiring | writers like Sarah Bessey and Ann Voskamp who put words to the hard, messy, heart-wrenching things of life.

Sorting | through my closet and finally getting rid of things I never wear. I'm on a mission to be more intentional and conscientious about the clothes I buy and brands I support, and that starts with making room in my current wardrobe!

Buying | a subscription to Darling Magazine has me checking my little mailbox every day

Getting | SO excited for California. Finally a vacation!

Bookmarking | this

Disliking | how fast time is flying by this summer (pumpkin spice lattes are already back at Starbucks, friends. that means fall is almost here.)

Opening | a little brown paper bag from my Monthly Miriam subscription a few nights ago and finding another beautiful piece made my night. Love Miriam Designs and love each piece those sweet women create!

Feeling | full of anticipation for what God has in store for me next. New adventures, new places, new opportunities, new mercy. Thankful.

Happy Friday, sweet friends! Fall in love with the world around you this weekend. It's a beautiful one even in the midst of tragedy, disease, injustice and brokenness. Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.  Make a difference. Be a ray of light in the darkness.