Loving Lately


A few Fridays ago was "List Love: round two" inspired by this post. This Friday, I'm mixing it up and taking inspiration from the wonderful Hannah Brencher and her Field Notes series for a new type of round-up list. Happy Friday!

"The more one self-promotes, the more 'you’ll become a polarizing figure.'" // here

Madewell. I want it all.

These guys (always) on this live EP.

Her art.

Beautiful typography on a sweet note from a friend in the mail.

"A kingdom does not work merely by pushes and pulls. Essentially it works by the communications of thoughts and intentions through words or other symbols, for a kingdom is a network of personal relationships. // here

The mission behind these simple, beautiful keys. (Mine says "fearless")

The girl behind The Yellow Conference.

Speaking of that, this recap of The Yellow Conference rocks.

Silk hazelnut creamer in my Trader Joe's coffee.

This nail polish.

Working at this life-giving place.