I Want to Follow His Footsteps


I don't want to be the girl who tiptoes around and treads so lightly she never leaves footprints. I want to settle down deep into the spaces I occupy so when I go, I leave a mark. Like how feet sink into thick, muddy trails after the rain, leaving the pattern of their soles as a reminder they journeyed here, I want my life to leave the pattern of my own soul on the roads I travel and the journeyers I meet along the way. I don't want to be the girl who lives in corners and shadows, afraid to come into the light or into the room. I want to enter proudly, full of all the things that give me weight and worth. I want to stop apologizing for my existence and start celebrating. I don't want to be like the rocks that just skip along and skim the surface; I want to dive into deep waters, explore the hidden places and uncover the things that burrow away out of fear or shame. I want to live out of a place of humility, graciousness, willingness, grace. I want to be teachable, flexible, confident, fully alive. I want to walk with purpose on the path set before me. I want to see the footsteps of the Father appear before me on the road as He leads the way, want to fit my footprints into His. When they seem impossible to reach, I want to stretch my legs and push my limits. I want to never stay still or satisfied for long. I want to follow the path through twists and turns, even when my Guide seems to fade out of sight. I want to trust He is there before me undoubtedly. I want to stay the course. I want to skip, leap, gallop, dance. I want to take each step in faith, fully believing that the path will ground me and lead me on, resting in the total assurance that my God is good and desires to see me shine for Him.

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