I'm cheating a little bit today, and sharing a post I wrote for my column on The Rising. It's about people and letting them in and letting them love you.

I’m an introvert—truly, deeply, completely. I am drained by people more than I am charged by them. I could (and do) spend hours and hours and even days totally alone and I thrive.

But I know now that I need people. I truly, deeply, completely need other people.

I never used to think I did. I spent much of my high school years feeling like I was totally okay without anyone close to me, that with God on my side, I would just conquer life by myself. I didn’t want to let people in (a cross-country move and a clique-infested high school scarred me) and I didn’t think I needed to.

Life got hard. My heart got broken. Things fell apart.

More than ever, I didn’t want to let people love me. I didn’t even want to let people really see me. I just wanted to get by.


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