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The Beauty of a Bad New Year

This year didn't start well for me. I didn't think I wanted to share about this here, but I think it's actually a good thing for me to do. 

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On Feeling Deeply, Not Blogging, and What Matters

I haven't been writing much (if you didn't notice, it's totally okay) and it felt like time to share why.

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To Gather Around the Table

When we sit down next to loved ones and strangers and acquaintances and break bread, we are building love. We are building community.

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I Was Sick of the Internet...But Then I Made Changes

I was getting so sick of the numbers games, the comparison, the pressure to share, the phoniness of it all, just the whole Internet thing, to be honest... but then I realized I needed to make some key changes to make the Internet a place I enjoyed again.

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