All the Garden Goodness

One of my absolutely favorite things about spring and summer is the veggies. Maybe it's because I'm some weird hippie vegan, or maybe it's just because everything tastes better when you've grown it yourself, but I've become SUCH a huge fan of gardening! I never used to like getting my hands dirty (now I have gloves for that, hello, young Rachel!) or dealing with all the work of gardening, but I've totally come around.

Two summers ago, my parents had five big buckets in the backyard for container gardens, but last year, we got serious and my dad and I built these two beautiful wood garden beds. We even enclosed the whole area with chicken wire so no squirrels are nomming on my tomatoes anymore! WIN.

All last summer, I took pictures of the things we were growing (because that's what I do) but I totally forgot to ever share this post!

Look at how beautiful! And SO YUMMY.

Okay, so the kale went a little crazy. I ate more kale chips last summer than ever in my life (not complaining, they're so dang good!) and we scaled back on how much we planted this year.

That last tomato looks like a booty. And I find that hilarious. My favorite thing was gathering all those baby tomatoes up! Nom nom nom.

Yep, I took pictures with my veggies. I'm cool, I know. Look at the size of those kale plants, and THAT ZUCCHINI. Sorry we never saw you growing under all the leaves and let you turn into a monster, buddy. It wasn't so delicious at that point... oops.

This year's garden is already taking shape in my parents' backyard, and I'm so excited! I'm glad they live just twenty minutes from me so I can pop by often and grab veggies for my week! 

We're trying a few new things this year (brussels sprouts and cauliflower, two of my all-time favorite veggies!) plus the usuals (tomatoes of several varieties, kale, mesclun greens, spinach, kale, a whole bunch of different herbs, peppers, etc).

Do you garden? What are you growing? Tell me all the best tricks you've learned about growing green goodness!