Little Letters // December 2016

I know a few friends who write little letters in blog posts, and they are always some of my favorite posts to read. They're short, they're sweet, sometimes silly and sometimes serious, and always just a great little round up of thoughts on life and all that comes with it. When one of my favorite blogger friends, Kristin of Taz + Belly, started this linkup, I knew I would be all in! She'll be hosting this linkup the second Friday of every month if you want to share your little letters, too.

Dear Advent, thanks for coming just when my soul needs you most, just like you do every year. You remind me of what's important to focus on this time of year, and I'm grateful for your slow and steady ways. I wrote you an even longer love letter here, because I'm just that obsessed with you. (I'm reading through the She Reads Truth study and this book that I ADORE.)

Dear morning cup of coffee, I'm sorry I keep forgetting about you. I don't know what's happening, but more days than not these last few weeks, I've found my Swell bottle full at 2 pm of all the coffee I was supposed to drink hours ago. I love you, I promise. Let's get back on track. I miss you.

Dear Hinge (yes, the dating app), I'm grateful for ya. Because of you, I met a really cool guy and had a really wonderful first date last weekend. (Best first date ever, actually.) I've hated on you and deleted you more times than I can count, but this time, you actually did me a solid. Thanks, pal. I'll have you to credit if things keep going as well as they've gone so far! Fingers crossed.

Dear weekend, I'm ready for you. My roommate and I are hosting our 2nd annual Christmas party tonight, and I'm excited for tacky sweaters, spiked cider, a full apartment of friends, and dancing to my favorite rap songs. I have a visitor (see above) coming down to Richmond to meet everyone and see my city, too, and I can't wait to show everything off. It's going to be good times!

Dear Book of the Month Club, I think you're the bees knees. But, for the first time, I wasn't jazzed about any of your selections this month. It's rare to not find a book I'm interested in reading, especially if you give me 5 choices that judges all loved, but I just wasn't feeling it this month. Maybe next month, you'll wow me again. (There are sweet deals if you join -- just check it out.)

Dear Richmond artists, I love supporting you. I've followed quite a few of you on Instagram over the years, and it's so fun to attend craft fairs and holiday fairs around town and get to meet you all in person! I went to a "handmade holiday" event at Hardywood Brewery last weekend and got to say hi to three creators I adore, and it was just so fun to tell them face-to-face that I've purchased their products and love them. Community is such a sweet thing! // If you want to support these artists I love, here are some stand-out favorites: Marigold + Mars, Creatiate, and The Wild Wander.

Dear kiddos I babysit, thanks for reminding me to play. Thanks for never letting the rules of a game restrict you from letting your imaginations run wild. Thanks for cracking me up with questions about my love life and why I don't have kids since I'm "so old." Thanks for always asking "why" and for always giggling uncontrollably at bodily functions. You keep me young.

Dear 2017 word of the year, what will you be?

Dear blogging community, I'm super grateful for you. People say you can't make real friends online, but I'll argue that until the end of time. I love following along in your lives, cheering you on, grieving with you, celebrating with you, sitting in the waiting with you, and chasing after beauty and truth with you. I cherish the friendships I've formed online with like-minded and like-hearted writers, and it's such a gift.

See you back next month for more little letters!