Introducing: The Confetti Community!

You know love languages? There are five: gift giving, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, and quality time. Those first two? Yeah, those are mine. They're tied for first place in my quiz results (you can take it online somewhere I'm sure, but that's not really the point of this...)

The point is this: I love celebrating with gifts and with words. They make my heart just SOAR. It doesn't matter the occasion, I am all about gifts, both giving and receiving, especially when sweet and sentimental. Getting to give people a little bundle of light and love and joy all wrapped up in a bow is such a joy to me. I love celebrating people.

Amber Thomas is one of those people who is just a superstar of celebrating people. Last year, when I had the idea of starting an online book club that was different from all other book clubs, she jumped on board with a heaping dose of encouragement and became my partner in all the reading and reviewing goodness. (Stay tuned for future news on #COLLABOREADS!)

Now? We've decided to start something new. Something that's all about celebrating. Something that's all about cheering each other on as we conquer goals big or small, something that's about giving each other the gift of support whenever we need it, something that's all about using our words and our pictures to spread wild joy online.

We are starting The Confetti Community.

It's going to be GRAND.

When we started talking about this idea, I kept thinking how it felt like little square gifts. You share your wins, and we are blessed by seeing your progress. We feature your wins, and you get the gift of a little extra Instagram exposure that leads to making fun new connections. We all get to join in the cheerleading, collaborating, celebrating goodness.

What. A. Gift.

Here's how it's going to go down:

We created a brand new Instagram page-- find us at @confetticommunity and follow along! And then, the fun part! Use the hashtag #confetticommunity to share your wins, whatever they look like. It's going to be an ongoing celebration of all the kick-ass, killer things you're achieving in your day-to-day lives.

We can't wait to see that hashtag feed filling up. Because then? WE GET TO FEATURE YOU. We want to share the goodness of your lives, so let us see it! 

Business goals achieved? A new goal met? A new passion project started? A hard blog written and published? A fitness milestone met? A comfort zone shattered? A dream realized? A DIY project completed? It's all worthy of being CELEBRATED. Take pictures of those moments and tag them so we can come rally around you and rejoice!

We can't wait to get this party started.