100 Days of RAD Watercolors

Did I really just type watercolors in that title spot? Watercolors? Really? Me? I'm not an artist, though. I can doodle and people say I have cool handwriting and I majored in media arts and design, sure, but I've never called myself an artist. I've only even opened my watercolor kit up twice, and it was just last week to try it out in my journaling Bible.

But, here we are. I typed watercolors into that title spot. I really did.

I'm doing this. I'm committing to painting with watercolors for 100 days in a row. Call me crazy, but I think this is exactly the motivation I need to stop being afraid of new things or paralyzed by my desire for perfection and just give it a go!

If you're unfamiliar with The 100 Day Project, it's a fantastic creative movement started by artist (and author!) Elle Luna. The whole idea is that you pick some creative endeavor and commit to doing it for 100 days (April 19-July 27 this year) while sharing your creations on Instagram using your own unique hashtag PLUS #the100dayproject so everyone can see and share in your work as you go.

It's really the best.

Last year, I did #100daysofRADpages, where I handlettered something into a mini sketchbook every day. It was such a great practice in dedication, but it was almost too easy since handlettering is something I like and enjoy and do every day already. This year, I wanted to mix it up and really challenge myself to try something out of my comfort zone. Maybe it will become my new favorite thing, or maybe I'll realize I don't like it all...but I'll never know unless I give it a good, serious shot!

It's not about perfection. It's not about my posts getting all the likes or my page gaining all the followers. It's not about blowing people away with my talent or impressing anyone at all, really. It's just about creating. The messy, beautiful, wild, frustrating, hard, worthwhile act of creating. It's about trying new things and making mistakes and learning along the way. It's about silencing the voices in my head that tell me I'm not an artist. It's about celebrating the work other people are doing instead of comparing myself to them. It's about asking talented friends for help (shout out to Amber for giving me the lowdown on watercolor supplies!) and not trying to go it alone.

I wrote this out as one of my pages last year, and it's a reminder I need to hear again:

You CAN do this. Yes— other people are more talented or creative or artistic. OKAY. Celebrate them. AND DO YOUR WORK STILL. It has worth and value and is helping you GROW. Press in and press on.

I can't wait to get this 100 days started! Just one week away!

Want to join in?!

<< Here's the basics again!

Leave a comment if you're participating this year, and tell me your hashtag so I can make sure I'm following you!