And Even Still...

There will be days none of it makes sense.

There will be times it all hurts and all feels like hell here on earth.

There are more tears than you can wipe away.

There is brokenness and pain.

There is heartache that feels unbearable.

There are phone calls telling of a terrifying diagnosis.

There are rings that go back in boxes instead of staying on a finger forever.

There will be days none of it makes sense.

And on those days,

in that pain,

in that confusion,

in that grief,

on those sleepless nights,

in the middle of the mess,

He is still good.

There is still hope.

It feels impossible to grab onto it.

It feels scary to even dare it could be true.

It feels hard to believe light could shine again.

But He is always good.

He is faithful even still.

Even if the worst possible outcome happens, He will never fail.

Even if everything ends, He is still faithful.

Even if we are broken, He is still gracious.

Even if everything hurts, He still loves.

These hard and horrible things are not the end of our stories.

These things are pathways to more of His goodness for us.

He will never leave us nor abandon us. We are not alone here in the middle of these woods.

Hold fast to that wild hope.