The 12 Best Books I Read in 2018 (All Written by Women!)


Like last year (and the year before), I'm sharing favorites I read this year (not necessarily published this year!) across the board. I’m tweaking the format a bit this year though to hopefully simplify things. These are books I highly recommend, thoroughly enjoyed, and want everyone else to read, too. And, they are ALL written by WOMEN. (Diversifying who I was reading was a big goal of mine this year and I focused primarily on reading books by women and people of color!) Most of these are ones I'm still thinking about weeks or months later, ones that made a lasting impact on me, but there is surely no way to include EVERY great book I read here!

A quick note: there are affiliate links throughout this post-- they won't cost you any more money at all, but will throw a few cents my way to support my endless book-buying habits! It's much appreciated. :)

In no particular order…

Here are the 12 best books I read in 2018:

If you're curious what I read month by month in 2018, here they are: JANUARY // FEBRUARY // MARCH // APRIL // MAY // JUNE // JULY // AUGUST // SEPTEMBER // OCTOBER // NOVEMBER // DECEMBER (coming soon)

ps— did you see Goodreads announced their award winners for the year? So fun to see some overlap with my list!

What book tops your list for 2018?