5 Favorite (and Super Random) Products I'm Loving Lately

You know how sometimes you buy something and realize it makes your life SO MUCH BETTER and you never would have known how great things could be had you not had that thing? Okay, maybe it's only me that gets THAT excited about stuff... but there have been quite a few things in my life lately that have been game-changers in big ways and small, and I figured it would be fun to share!

Warning: there are affiliate links ahead! You should know they won't cost you a single cent more, they'll just fund my random-product-buying habits. ;) thanks in advance!

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner .3 mm pens // $9.77

I was a black pen only person for, like, EVER until these pens. I use them in my Bible (they're super thin, but will still bleed a bit if that bothers you) and in my Powersheets, and in my daily planner too. I've come around to the whole color thing since it's so easy to see at a glance what category things fall under... but I'm still also very, very loyal to these black pens and will never give them up.

Babe Lash Eyelash Serum // $35

Granted, I've only been using this for about a week so far, so I haven't seen dramatic results yet... but this comes highly recommended from another blogger I follow, and as someone who doesn't want to pay to get extensions or anything serious done to my eyelashes, spending $35 seems like a worthwhile test! It's just a super simple swipe along your lash line once a day (I do it before bed) and voila! I'll keep you posted on the results as time goes on.

Life Miracle Dryer Balls // $10.99

I'm on a mission to get toxic chemicals out of my life, and dryer sheets were always one of the things that seemed like I couldn't avoid... until these! You just throw them in the dryer with your clothes, and that's that. These have a little tunnel down the middle so you can drop some essential oils in for a fresh scent, which I've been loving. They have also seriously cut down on the dry time needed (didn't expect that!). The only downside is they're a little loud when they clunk around in there... but no chemicals and less power needed to run the dryer are well worth a little extra noise.

Himalayan Salt Lamp // $14.95

These things are my FAVORITE. I have one on my desk at work and one by my bed at home, and I love them so much. At work, it's incredible to give my eyes a break from all the blue lights of my computer screens-- I feel such a difference when I just stare at this glowing lamp for a few minutes! Plus, they purify the air and help with allergies and headaches and such, and I really have noticed a difference. Plus, they're cool looking and the glowy, warm light is great on cloudy days. Big fan of these, and this is the best price I've seen anywhere I've looked!

Glossier Boy Brow // $16

This stuff is a miracle worker. I'm not kidding. My eyebrows have always been out of control, but I've always hated on the super fierce and bold look... this tames my brows without making them too intense, and really just helping them look their best. I have the "brown" shade and it's perfectly subtle but excellent at filling in any gaps, keeping everything in place, and making my brows on fleek. (Am I saying that right?)

Amber Glass Roll On Bottles (10 ml) // $6.99

These are great for making your own essential oil roller blends... which I do a LOT of. The amber color helps protect the oils from the light which makes them last longer (win) and this size is super easy to stash in your purse or bag or wallet or whatever! I keep some everywhere I go.

A few favorite blends of mine:

What's a random product YOU are loving lately? Share the goodness in the comments!