A Coffee Date // May 8

My lovely friend Erin is a gracious host of these monthly virtual coffee dates, and it's just my favorite thing to pretend like we're all chatting together over tasty drinks. Let's grab a hot mug of something yummy and swap stories, shall we?

If we were on a coffee date... I would tell you I'm loving being away from social media. I've missed it only a few times over the last 2.5 weeks (and did pop back in on my birthday, because it's just fun to see who remembers!) and I'm not really thinking I'll be back soon. I miss keeping up with friends, and hearing about exciting life events, but honestly, everybody I REALLY care about has kept me in the loop via texts and emails, so I'm not missing much. It's such a breath of fresh air to not be worried about posting everything I do and keeping up with the stats. I'm a saner person, that's for sure. (I think I miss Twitter the most since it kept me well-informed, and even though I love Instagram the most, that's where I felt the most pressure, so it's the weirdest love/hate/miss it a lot/don't miss it at all kinda thing. And Facebook? Zero missing feelings.)

If we were on a coffee date... I'd tell you 25 feels pretty good so far. It's only been 5 days, but I have high hopes for this year. I feel solid, really. Solidly into my twenties, solidly into my career, solidly rooted in community... I'm grateful. This life isn't easy and there's a lot I'm wrestling with and working through, but I'm confident in who I am, more hopeful about what's to come, and thankful for the support around me as I continue to do the hard, humbling work of growing, forgiving, accepting, and loving/being loved. Whew.

If we were on a coffee date... I'd be a little antsy because my new tattoo is at the itchy stage and IT IS THE WORST. The very worst.

If we were on a coffee date... I'd ask if you've ever seen "Call the Midwife" because I'm looking for a new show, I watched one episode and was intrigued, and I'm wondering if it's a good one!

If we were on a coffee date... I'd confess I'm struggling a little bit with the goals I set for myself, like to read 200 books this year and to do The 100 Day Project. On one hand, I love that setting the goal helps keep me accountable and is a motivator to stay engaged... but on the other, it can create a sense of pressure and a feeling of obligation. Like with my book goal, I hate that Goodreads tells me I'm "2 books behind schedule" when I spent a few days celebrating my birthday instead of reading nonstop. I'm trying to find a better balance of staying motivated while also feeling freedom to live my life and take time off and be present to what/who is around me... any thoughts?! Tips? Advice?

If we were on a coffee date... I'd ask that you please please please send all of your prayers and best wishes to the Washington Capitals. My boys need to win the next two games or we're out of the Stanley Cup playoffs... and then we need to win another best of 7 round... and THEN I could actually go to a final round game for my big birthday present. I really need that to happen, but the Caps are SUPER good at choking when it matters most... so #rockthered and cheer them on, okay? (And if you've never watched hockey, this is the best and most hype time to do so!)

If we were on a coffee date... I'd chat about little free libraries. They're the best, aren't they? I planned my evening walk last night 100% around them so I could stop at two, and I came home with three awesome books. SUCH a win! Can't wait to do the same thing again this week and drop some off instead.