Prime Purchases: May 2019

Amazon Prime is a dangerous, wonderful thing. I have loved browsing blog posts lately of people’s Prime purchases, and thought it would be fun to occasionally share what I’ve bought and loved from the wild lands of the Amazon.

Affiliate links are included here!

Umbra Sometime Modern Desk Clock

$20 // I bought this for my office shelves and it’s great — simple, silent, and sleek.

Seche Clear and Seche Vite, Base Coat and Top Coat for Nail Polish 

$8.20 // SUCH A GOOD PURCHASE. This surely isn’t nontoxic or clean or vegan or anything but you know what, if it makes my nailpolish dry INSTANTLY and last longer, I am into it.

Millenneagram: The Enneagram Guide for Discovering Your Truest, Baddest Self

$17 // This is enneagram for millennials — unfiltered, uncensored, fresh, and fun. Big fan. (Fellow Ones, we are the “Machine” in Hannah’s world, and her explanation is SPOT ON.)

5-Blade Herb Scissors

$9.95 (+15% coupon) // These are awesome. They make herb prep super easy. I’m already thinking of more things I can cut with these…

Over The Door Hanging Pantry Organizer

$12.87 for 2 // I saw another blogger talking about using this for toiletries/hair tools, and I instantly bought one. It’s been a game changer for organization, and I love it.

Clear Zip Pouch

$9.99 // I wanted a pouch with a wrist strap that I could keep in my work bag but easily grab for when I’m running errands or on the go, and this one has been great. Bonus: the clear style means I can always see what’s in there (like three lip things?).

Fabric Defuzzer

$11.99 // I have de-fuzzed my sweaters, my throw pillows, and literally anything else I can find. It’s amazing and so satisfying.

KUSH High Volume Mascara

$31 // Let it be known, I, too, felt like it was extreme to spend $30 on mascara. BUT THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. There’s CBD in it, it’s super lengthening, it’s vegan and cruelty free, it lasts forever, it applies amazingly… I’m obsessed.