A Guide to Richmond Coffee Shops

A Guide to Richmond Coffee Shops

I decided to make the most of all the coffee options in my little city of Richmond, VA, and here's the comprehensive guide to ALL OF MY THOUGHTS.

Historic Tredegar + Brown's Island // A RADventure

Most days, nannying two little boys looks like lots of Legos, battles and wars, karate moves, and running around like crazy people in a basement littered with toys. Yesterday, their family came into town and our day looked totally different-- there was still lots of running around like crazy people, but now it was five kids under five with three adults supervising as we explored Historic Tredegar and ventured across the bridge over the James River to Brown's Island. The boys had a blast! I'm always down for an adventure, and loved getting to see places I already love through the eyes of hyped up and eager little kiddos.

I love this River City. I love sunshine and blue skies. Here are six snapshots from our adventure!

Thoughts from the Corner Cafe


The rain is pouring down, the kind of cold, misty, constant rain that reminds me so much of my England days. I've always liked this kind of weather, always adamantly defended cities like London and Seattle with all their gray and rainy days. They're peaceful, cozy, relaxing, I argue. They aren't depressing. They aren't annoying. These days are the best days.

These are the days where it just makes sense to put on your brother's big old flannel and chunky socks under your worn-in, favorite boots. It makes sense to drive in the wild rain to the best corner cafe in Shockoe Bottom, the one with the massive windows more than twice as tall as you are. It makes sense to order the large soy chai latte instead of your usual small...it's just that kind of day. The best kind of day.

The rain won't let you forget it today. It eases up at times and passersby tuck their collapsed umbrellas under their arms and peel the hoods of their rain jackets back. But then it dumps down again with vengeance, slowing every car to a painfully slow crawl and forcing everyone under the cover of awnings and umbrellas again. 

This rain will bring winter here to stay. The last leaves are slipping off the trees, having given up hope of holding on much longer. With the Christmas music already taking over the radio and every store's sound system, the holidays seem unavoidable. This rain would be snow if we were just a few states away, and I'm not quite sure how to feel about that.

I have long held onto the belief that all things Christmas should be contained in the month of December. It shouldn't spill over into November, that's Thanksgiving's month to shine. 

This year, though, I've surprised myself. I found myself cooking dinner with Frank Sinatra crooning his Christmas classics in the background. I couldn't help but listen to JOHNNYSWIM's new Christmas album when it came out, and Pentatonix's new version of Mary, Did You Know played through my computer more times than I would like to admit. Even now, as I sit here under the warm glow of lights hanging from exposed wooden beams, Michael Buble is singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas in my ears.

This rainy day makes it all make sense. This weather is the kind that seems to fit so well with the songs of the holidays. While the scene outside of these windows is still one of falling leaves instead of snow, it seems to be welcoming me to winter. It seems to make sense that I've made an exception to my usually strict rule this year and let Christmas creep in early.

This is the best kind of day. The kind where the words are plenty and the ideas are endless. The kind where every conversation around me is hushed and gentle, like none of us want to spoil the magic of these moments. The kind where big bowls of soup are on every table next to our foam-filled mugs. The kind of day where only couches or coffeeshops seem appropriate and I'm glad I've found them both.

Call the rain depressing, call this day a typical Monday, call me crazy, but I firmly believe this is the very best kind of day.