the brave love fight. // a poem

this morning i woke up 

and my heart felt heavy

i wondered "can i do this"

and "am i really ready?"

the world is so rowdy

so broken, so loud

and today i just wondered

if they'd even hear my sound

but i cracked upon my eyelids

and got out of bed

put my favorite boots on

pulled a sweater over my head

"today," i said, "i'm here."

"i'll give you whatever i've got."

it's hard and sometimes scary

but i'm going to give it a shot

because if i'm feeling heavy

and unsure if i can do it

i'm sure someone feels me

i'm sure we can get through it

i'll use my little voice

and you can use yours too

and together we'll make music

we'll sing something new

i think i'll feel less heavy

when i join my hand with yours

we're always better together

this i know for sure

come on now, will you join me?

will you wake up and shine your light?

get your courage suit on

and let's join this brave love fight.