Flight of Four: Vulnerability, Strength, and Shame


This flight of four is all about getting real-- taking a deeper look at your story, at your soul, at your fears, and then finding ways to push back against the darkness and find courage in the midst of the struggle. Each of these books is like a mini counseling session, and all have impacted me deeply. 

Hope you find them to be both encouraging and challenging in the midst of your own journey!

today's Flight of Four: Vulnerability, Strength, and Shame

No More Faking Fine: Ending the Pretending by Esther Fleece // I really, really loved this one. I needed to read it exactly when I did, and was so glad I had it waiting on my shelf. Fleece's story is seriously unreal-- I can't imagine going through what she went through-- but instead of telling it in a way that invited pity or feeling sorry for herself, she tells it honestly, openly, and in a way that really makes it bigger than just herself. It's exactly the book I needed to read in the midst of my own season of depression.

The Soul of Shame: Retelling the Stories We Believe about Ourselves by Curt Thompson // You guys, THIS BOOK. A friend describes it perfectly as the most accessible book on shame right now from a Christian perspective. It’s powerful, moving, deeply impactful, and really well written. (i read it as part of my counseling journey, and strongly feel that anyone and everyone would be better for reading it, whether you are on your own counseling journey or not.) I heard Curt speak this weekend at a conference all about this book’s themes and I will be thinking about it and working through it for a WHILE. So, so good.

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brene Brown // Everyone needs to read this. I discovered Brown through her TED talk several years ago and fell in love with her research, completely. This book was wonderful, and one of the first things I read from her (I've now read almost everything else she's written!). Based on so much sound and thorough research, it dives into "how the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent, and lead," so it's relevant to every single living person. Read this book. Now.

The Healing Path: How the Hurts in Your Past Can Lead You to a More Abundant Life by Dan B. Allender // This one was recommended to me by my counselor (he read many excerpts in our sessions, and I knew I wanted to read the whole thing) and I can't rave enough. This book is rich and helpful and meaningful and so incredible -- if you're on any sort of healing journey from any sort of hurt, abuse, pain, grief, etc... read this one. It's a soothing balm for any aching soul.