Currently // April 2019

It has felt strange to be away from this space so much more than usual! With a new job and a busy schedule this spring, it’s not likely I’ll be sharing here consistently, but I do want to keep up with this space since it’s one I love deeply and enjoy playing with! I don’t have deep or thoughtful words to share today, but wanted to share a fun little listicle update with you all!

Here’s what I’m up to currently:

Reading... More Than You Can Handle: When Life’s Overwhelming Pain Meets God’s Overwhelming Grace by Nate Pyle. It’s GREAT so far.

Watching... playoff hockey. Best time of the year in sports! Also, still savoring the latest season of Queer Eye… I don’t want it to end!

Cooking... Jake and I made this 1-bowl VGF banana bread as muffins last week, and they were DELISH. I slathered on some apple butter a friend made me, and it was heavenly. (It was also my first time having apple butter?)

Eating... a lot of celery. I have been on a KICK lately. I can’t quite get to the level of drinking it as a juice… but it’s my go-to snack lately (with a little vegan caesar dressing!) and the whole “you burn more calories chewing it than you consume in the food itself” thing is an added bonus.

Drinking... fizz sticks + mind health + digestion plus ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY. I don’t sell Arbonne, but I’m the biggest fangirl EVER. Big fan of these goodies I can mix up with water— clean energy, good vitamins, and great flavor.

Pinning... color crushes.

Tweeting... about a dream I had that I was asked to give an opening prayer at a Kanye West concert? Who even knows.

Going... to hear Austin Kleon talk at my local library in a few weeks, and I’m excited! His book Steal Like an Artist is a great one, and I just bought his latest too. His thoughts on creativity are always helpful, practical, and motivating.

Loving... my AirPods. It was my “I paid off half my debt” reward to myself, and I’m such a fan. Not having cords in the way when working or walking around the neighborhood just makes SUCH a difference.


Discovering... just how FUN flow acrylic painting is. Sharing some of my process on Instagram (I saved it all to a highlight!) recently brought on a FLOOD of messages to my inbox! You all were so curious about this medium, and I don’t blame you — it’s such a blast and I can’t wait to try many more techniques. Glad my dad has transformed their living room into a studio so I can go over and paint more often. :)

Thinking... a lot about effective communication strategies, and systems for sharing information and inspiration, and how to be innovative and creative in how I tell stories and share about events and ministries… can you tell my job is new and exciting and AWESOME?! Loving having new challenges to tackle in this new role.

Feeling... both super excited that my birthday is three weeks away, and a little shocked that it snuck up on me so fast. Looking forward to turning 27!

Hoping for... a break in the rain this weekend so I can get my garden planted!

Listening to... songs my talented friends and coworkers wrote during our recent sermon series for a new EP. They are GOOD. 

Celebrating... the beauty all around me. I’m not “officially” doing The 100 Day Project this year, but I am trying to keep my eyes open to see beauty, and attempting to take at least a picture a day of something I find. If nothing else, being more intentional and aware of what’s around me is a helpful and inspiring practice, so it’s a win and definitely worthwhile. (I’m sharing weekly roundups on my Instagram story!)

Smelling... lemon + lavender + peppermint. The only thing saving me from that nasty yellow stuff EVERYWHERE this time of year.

Ordering... custom shampoo and conditioner felt like the MOST bougie thing I’ve done in a while… but I’m pretty stoked about it. I’ll keep you posted on how I like it! I’ve heard so many rave reviews from friends, so I have high hopes.

Thanking... all 6,000+ of the people who have chosen to follow my little bookstagram… It keeps blowing my mind that THAT MANY PEOPLE care what I think about books. It’s an honor to have a platform of any size, and I’m so grateful for it. I’m always thinking about how to make that space one that is encouraging, full of light, helpful, and positive for people to encounter and engage with! Plus, it’s just FUN to share about books with people who love reading.

Considering... having another instagram book sale this month! I have a lot of books to clear out of my shelves… stay tuned here!

Starting... to get back into a better rhythm of work, rest, yoga, date nights, writing, friend hangs, etc… it’s been a wild few weeks but I’m looking forward to getting back into a more balanced swing of things. Transitions aren’t always the easiest, but I’m trying to be patient with myself and not add more pressure to figure it all out ASAP.