How to Have a Good Day // REVIEW

This book was intriguing to me like many others similar to it are (Essentialism, Create vs Copy, Better than Before, etc)-- because I'm so interested in our we build healthy habits to live fulfilling, productive, and creative lives. This book wasn't dry or slow at all, but extremely helpful with an endless number of direct applications to my life and work. Every chapter ended with action steps, which I found SO helpful as each chapter got me fired up about a different facet of my work and I wanted to dive right in. There are so many acronyms throughout this book that are great tools for remembering how to apply these practices, and I've already started journaling with the "DATE" one at the end of the day to remember what I discovered, achieved, am thankful for, and experienced. I know I'll refer back to this one as my career continues, and I'm still thinking about so many of the ideas and strategies Webb shared here. A fantastic, applicable, helpful, motivating book!