I Don't Wait Anymore // REVIEW

The cover of this one grabbed me when I saw it on the BookLook Bloggers site-- the green isn't often found on book covers and the title is in a large, handwritten font that makes it instantly feel like it's more personal. From the first few pages (they're the super slick, shiny pages, not rough paper like most books are!), I could tell this book would be perfect for high school or college girls who need encouragement for the adventures ahead of them. It felt a little young to me (and I'm only 24!) but I can't wait to pass it along to a friend. The chapters end with journaling pages that would be great for anyone wondering about and wrestling with the next stages of their life. Grace tells her story openly and warmly, and feels like a friend throughout this book. It's not theologically deep or terribly earth-shattering, but as the back cover says, it really is "a positive and encouraging book [that] offers inspiration to anyone who wants to live a fulfilling life right now."