A Little Fall Bucket List

  • Read this book. Because Anne Bogel recommends it often and says it's perfect for fall reading, so I will listen.
  • Buy a weighted blanket. Because anxiety and seasonal affective disorder are no joke and this is the time of year to be cozy and cuddled up.
  • Doodle on pumpkins. Because the little ones look cutest with little designs drawn on. (I did this here and here and here and will surely do it again this year.)
  • Roast pumpkin seeds. Because there truly is NO better snack in the fall. My mom has a recipe I adore, and I wish it was online to share it with you. Hit up Pinterest for ideas!
  • Go apple picking. Because what's more festive? (Side note: if there are apple donuts, I WILL take a bite, gluten allergy and vegan diet be damned!)
  • Hike a mountain. Because it's finally not a million degrees and we all need to get outside as much as we can before the winter comes.
  • Host friends for a vegan dinner party. Because I love my people and I love my cruelty-free food and why not share it all with them?
  • Buy mums (or daisies or pumpkins) for the front porch. Because a little bit of color brightens up the gray days in the best way.
  • Write "thankful for you" cards for all my people. Because it's my favorite fall tradition and we all could use a little more love in our lives. What better way to share it than through sweet snail mail?
  • Sign up for Book of the Month Club again. Because new books on my doorstep every month is a treat.
  • Volunteer in my community. Because gratitude leads to giving back, and I want to be the hands and feet of Christ in my city.
  • Light candles more often. This one is my forever favorite (even if it's not specifically "fall" scented).
  • Go on walks just to step on all the crunchy leaves. Because is there anything more fun this time of year? 
  • Listen to music that sounds like the season. Because these songs feel like fall to me.
  • Read poetry. This book especially feels just right.

What are you planning to do to savor this season?

ps-- there are affiliate links here. they won't cost you a cent, but will through a few my way. thanks, friends! :)