PowerSheets, Journals, and Planners... Oh My! (All the Things I Do to Stay Organized)


It's the end of one month and the beginning of another, which means it's time to get organized! This Enneagram 1/Type A organization freak LOVES a good paper product, and I wanted to share all the ones I've been loving for a while now. These are the resources I use all year long, breaking things down into monthly goals, weekly plans, and daily habits too.

I've written in the past about bullet journaling (when I started it, and when I got back to it) but have found that these tools work MUCH more effectively for me. I needed a bit more structure than a blank bullet journal gave me, and I've stuck with these resources much longer as a result! These resources are how I set goals, manage my calendar, journal, study the Bible, etc. They help keep me motivated, engaged with what matters to me, focused, and on track. I mostly keep them on my desk at work (where I spend most of my time) but I do take my journal with me everywhere I go (with my 31 things in 31 days list tucked inside), and bring my planner home with me on the weekends.

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Here's what I use to stay organized, goal-oriented, and focused all year long:

(and how I journal and do my quiet times, too!)


I use this set with the stickers.

The 2019 PowerSheets go on sale October 24th, and you better believe I'll be first in line to grab my yearly set for 2019, along with a new sticker book! I have absolutely LOVED using these intentional goal planners for several years now. I take some serious time at the beginning of each new year to set big goals for the year ahead about what matters most to me. (My big goals are summed up into: Scripture, fitness, finances, freedom, reading, writing, play, explore, and community.) These big goals breaks own even further each month until I have monthly, weekly, and daily goals for that month. These go on my monthly tending lists, and I check off my progress as the days go by.

A tip for you:

Let your goals evolve over time! One major goal I set at the beginning of 2018 is no longer relevant to my life, and that's okay! I love the way PowerSheets encourage you to take seasonal refresh breaks to look back on your goals and make changes. I've definitely needed that every few months!

Agendio Planner

My exact layout can be found here.


This is the resource I use daily. I track all my events and activities on the monthly calendar spreads, and then use the weekly spreads for looking at what I have going on that week as well as tracking to-dos, ideas, errands, etc. I loved being able to fully customize this planner to EXACTLY what I wanted with nothing that didn't work for me, and it's been perfect so far.

A tip for you:

Take time with this, if you choose to customize your planner! I have used many planners over the years so I knew what I wanted and didn't want, but it was good for me to browse through all the options just to make sure there wasn't anything else I was missing. I'm perfectly happy with mine turned out, but it took me a little more than an hour to get everything right!

31 things in 31 Days list

Download this here.


What started as a fun idea with my friend Erin as a way of motivating ourselves to keep motivated and excited about summer in the midst of some hard personal seasons has now become one of my favorite things. I'm on my second monthly list now and loving how it keeps me engaged with the fun things I want to accomplish in the month. Many of these things also translated over to my PowerSheets goals, with one big monthly goal simply being "31 things list!" You can read my blog post about my July list here.

A tip for you:

Let this be fun! Make this list about things that will add to your life-- add whimsy, add joy, add adventure, etc. You can mix some essential things in there too, but I found I was most motivated to check things off when I had a great balance on my list and a bunch of things to look forward to.


I use this.


My journal is my catch-all -- I journal sermon notes (and instagram them here!), I write prayers, I take notes at church meetings, I write down quotes from things I'm reading, I doodle, I brainstorm, I word vomit... etc. Everything is in here. I don't use separate journals for different things (with the exception of Bible study, kinda, which I'll explain below) and love just having a whole record of all of my life in each journal. They usually last me about 6 months or so.

A tip for you:

Keep your journal with you always. Mine goes with me to work (where I often pull it out on lunch breaks to process things or make notes), with me to church (for sermon notes, as pictured), with me to coffee shops, on trips, etc. I never go anywhere without it!

Daily Remain

I use this.


This is a newer resource for me, but I'm loving the structure of it. I had really been struggling to find a Bible study method that really works for me. I've read through the Bible in 365 days (using this Bible), I did a 90 day Bible reading plan (using this Bible) at the beginning of this year, and I wanted a way to go deeper without feeling limited. This was a great middle ground. It gives me just enough of a focus and a guide while still letting me have freedom to study what I want and get my own thoughts out of it (and not just somebody else's). This study goes with whatever book (or passage) you want to read, and gives you questions, places for reflection, prompts, and just a general structure to help coach you through your study. It's amazing. There are 3 pages for each day, but you could split that up if you'd rather. It's a great tool and working really well for me in this season.

A tip for you:

Check out Jess Connolly's instagram and All Good Things Collective for more sneak peeks at how she uses her Daily Remain journal and what she designed each section for -- I found it super helpful!

A few other things I use/love:

Any questions I can help answer? Hope this is helpful!