31 Things To Do in the Next 31 Days


It's no secret that lately I've been battling some severe depression and really struggling to find joy in the day to day. I talk pretty openly about my counseling journey and depression on my Instagram, and it's been so encouraging to hear from so many of you who are also on similar journeys -- it's such a gift to know we aren't alone, even in the hard seasons.

One especially encouraging friend is my girl Erin Salmon (if you don't follow her on all the things, go do so!) -- she challenged me to make a list of things I wanted to do in the next month as a way of fighting my way through the fog and having some fun things to look forward to.

We decided we would both make lists, but we didn't want it to stop there! We want you to join us!

If you're in a wonderful season of life, this could be a great way to create a summer bucket list for the month ahead. If you're in a season of depression like me, this is an awesome way to find some motivation to get out of bed and create meaningful moments this month. If you just want to challenge yourself to do those things you've been meaning to do for ages, let this be your kick in the pants! And, if you're wanting some extra community and want to meet some amazing online friends, we're creating a Facebook group where we all can gather to be accountability and encouragement for one another!

These lists can be serious or ridiculous, whimsical or worshipful, fun and random and as unique as you are -- there is nothing off limits! If you're a Powersheets user, transfer some of your upcoming monthly, weekly, and daily goals to this list! If you have fun events coming up on your calendar for July, add those! If you want to make it all about books, go for it. Or maybe you want to focus on adventures and exploring or traveling! The sky is the limit, that's what makes this so fun.

We made it super simple for you to join us!

Download your 31 Things to Do in the Next 31 Days list here!

Be sure to also join us over on Facebook -- we're planning a fun giveaway for the friends who connect with us and make a list, so you won't want to miss that!

If you're needing inspiration, here's my finished list:


Now all you have to do is download yours, join us on Facebook, share about it on your social media to invite more friends to join along, and enjoy the next 31 days of adventures, growth, fun, community, joy, hope, and a more abundant life.

To see updates from Erin and I, we are on Twitter (me + her) and Instagram (me + her) and would love for you to follow along.

Cheers to the next 31 days, friends!