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9 New and Coming Soon Books I Can't Wait to Read

This season seems to have SO MANY great new books hitting the shelves, and I’m the most excited about them all! It feels like almost all of my very favorite writers have released books recently or are releasing books soon, and it’s doing some damage to my bank account…

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Where to Start Reading: Anne Lamott

There are few authors who can write about faith, cuss, make me laugh, and cut straight to the heart of the matter as brilliantly and seamlessly as Anne Lamott. The woman is WISE, and she is gloriously unfiltered, and she is unique, and she is fearlessly honest. I adore her.

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Little Letters // June 2017

It's been a while since I've written little letters here, but it feels like a Friday where we should name the good things and celebrate the joy. You with me?

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All the Awesome Articles // July 15

Some are heavy, some are helpful, some are hard, one is hilarious.

All are powerful, beautiful, worthwhile.

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