5 Fun Foodie Things to Try This Summer


Summer is such an exciting time for food-- everything is fresh and vibrant and flavorful, and I'm so inspired by all the bounty at the markets! I've seen some awesome recipes floating around the internet lately and wanted to gather them up so I actually remember to do them... the struggle. Anyway!

Here are a few fun recipes I've been intrigued by lately and can't wait to try this summer:

Quick Sweet + Sour Pickles

I don't know what happened to my taste buds in the last few years but I am now ALL ABOUT anything with vinegar. I just love the tang and bite, it's so good. Love this super simple pickle recipe, and think it would be an awesome way to put a fresh spin on some veggies!

Blackberry Basil Mocktail

I haven't been drinking alcohol much at all these days, but that doesn't mean I don't still crave a fun, sparkly drink every now and then! This one sounds delightful, and I can use some of my homegrown basil!

Vegetarian Sweet Chili Noodle Stir Fry

I love a good stir fry, and this mixes it up a bit with noodles (I usually do brown rice) and a fun sauce -- dump a bunch of farmer's market veggies in there and you've got a great veg meal!

No Bake Vanilla Cake Bites

I'm all about a simple sweet treat, and love having some form of easy grab-and-go ball option waiting for me in the fridge. I'm not a real cake fan, but a cake bite sounds awesome.

The Best Herby Potato Salad

This looks like an awesome summer cookout recipe -- all about anything to do with potatoes, let's be real.