5 Fun Foodie Things to Try This Summer

5 Fun Foodie Things to Try This Summer

Summer is such an exciting time for food-- everything is fresh and vibrant and flavorful, and I'm so inspired by all the bounty at the markets!

The RAD Stuff // Vol. 17

The RAD Stuff // Vol. 17

Let's have a taco + spicy lemonade feast (I've got the recipes!), listen to the podcasts, discuss the articles, and swap shopping successes, yeah?

Top Ten Things // March 2018

Top Ten Things // March 2018

Made something in the kitchen this week that I should have made long ago, fell more in love with an artist because I went to her concert, and got a bunch of brand-less goodies for cheap!

Top Ten Things // February 2018

Top Ten Things // February 2018

Banana bread balls, necklaces, music I'm jamming to, recipes shared with friends-- here are my favorites from February!

The RAD Stuff // Vol. 15

I have a whole lot of feelings about John Piper after last week but I'm trying to hold my tongue and listen to those wiser than me in response... Here are two things I have LOVED: this Twitter thread from Sarah, and this one from Kaitlyn.

My friend Hannah wrote this, and wow, it moved me. SO many beautiful words here and so helped me even though my family relationships look different. A must-read. // How to Pray for the Dad You No Longer Talk To

I love when I stumble upon a natural DIY project that I have all the ingredients for! This foaming face wash recipe looks awesome. Can't wait to make it soon. 

These inspire me every week. The coolest pairings between photos and hand-drawn art, and the color combo on this one is a vibe I never would have created but am really FEELING.

I love that the new PowerSheets have blank pages for wild card options -- I printed and taped the content planning one in my set and it's been great for actually planning out blog posts! Just another reason I love my PowerSheets.

A books and bottles party? Uh, YES PLEASE. Definitely want to host a party like this in 2018-- maybe for my birthday?!

I just discovered the designer who made SO many of my favorite book covers, and I cannot stop swooning over her talent.

New recipes tried lately:

Top Ten Things // January 2018

Top Ten Things // January 2018

Each month, I'll share a short and sweet list of the top ten things from that month-- the list will change month to month based on what I'm loving, but it will be 10 random things I think you should know about.

The RAD Stuff // Vol. 14

The RAD Stuff // Vol. 14

Amazing crossover cover songs, vegan recipes, how to actually thank Black women... and more!

A Gluten-Free + Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

A Gluten-Free + Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

Avoiding turkey doesn't mean your Thanksgiving meal has to be boring or tasteless-- there are SO many amazing vegan and gluten-free dishes you can make and enjoy!

Currently // Nov. 2017

Here are a few little snippets of life currently-- from the jeans I'm loving to the appointment that's stressing me out to the big pot of chili I enjoyed eating and sharing this week!

The RAD Stuff // Vol. 12

Cookie cakes in cast iron pans, library ladders and bookshelves to swoon over, Tom Petty covers and CEOs killing the game -- it's all here!

My Favorite Vegan + GF Resources

My Favorite Vegan + GF Resources

From cookbooks to online recipes, from information to encouragement and support, here are my tried-and-true resources to help support your vegan or gluten-free lifestyle!

Five Finds Friday // Oct. 23

It's Friday! Hallelujah! That means I've almost survived my first official week at Salem Web Network (if you missed it, I'm the new editor of and loving it)-- YAY.

I also have other BIG NEWS to announce! For the last year, I've been running The Rising almost entirely by myself. It's been amazing and hard and time-consuming and so worth it. But now, with a new job and a crazy schedule/life, I need help. SO GUESS WHAT. I have two new rockstar assistant editors on board!

Holly Paulette and Taylor Schumann have graciously and willingly stepped up to the plate to help me manage all the day-to-day tasks of keeping The Rising alive. They are wonderful. I am thankful.

They also started hosting a brand-new link up today! AND I LOVE LINK UPS. And I love fun posts on Fridays that share links and updates and fun new things. This is the best thing.

Here is the first of what I'm sure will be many Five Finds Friday posts! Be sure to check out Holly and Taylor too!


It's nothing new, but when I think funny, I think New Girl or Parks and Rec. They're my go-tos, and I can't stop watching and rewatching all the episodes. I'm really going to need Netflix to prioritize getting all the latest seasons up so I can keep bingeing...

But until then, I've decided I'm finally going to give The Office a chance. I've never seen it (I know, I know) and I'm a few episodes in now... but I'm not sold yet. Please tell me it gets funnier...


Is it narcissistic to have pictures of myself here? Yes? Okay, I accept that. But seriously, look at that hair! It was NOT easy to do, and it was half a total mess (the half you conveniently don't see in these pictures) but I'm so proud of this attempt. I didn't leave my apartment with this hair because it's so far from real-world visibility level, but thanks to Pinterest and my love of braids, I'm making progress!

Also. Please applaud my selfie skills because IT IS NOT EASY to take a picture of the back of your head while simultaneously taking a picture of your own face in the mirror in front of you. I have mad skills. Please appreciate them.


As much as I talk about my gluten-free and vegan diet with people (it feels like the thing I talk about most in my life...) I realized I haven't ever really shared much about it here. I think that's going to change! It's a HUGE thing about me, and I'm constantly eating (and occasionally cooking) delicious things that I want to share. 

Here are two amazing examples! 


This mac and cheese? Oh man. So good. And so healthy! The "cheese" is veggies boiled and pureed with spices and nutritional yeast added, and it literally tasted so good and cheesy. I was amazed. All cravings satisfied.

Here's the recipe so you can go make this goodness yourself!


Okay, on to BBQ. There has never been a vegan version of BBQ that I've found to try...until now. This one was ridiculously simple. All you have to do is puree up a can of hearts of palm (a super weird and kinda stinky canned veggie) and heat it up on the stove with BBQ sauce. IT IS THAT SIMPLE, PEOPLE. Put that goodness on a gf bun wits some slaw and you're golden. YUM.

Here's the recipe for that!


My dear friend Amber wrote this piece for The Rising, and I adore it. It's all about the humility of the woman who emptied her alabaster jar at the feet of Jesus...and it's beautiful.


'Hello' is taken from the new album, 25, out November 20.

I think Adele and feels are synonymous. If you disagree, you've probably never really listened to her songs. Girl can SING. She leaked a new song last night and it's AMAZING. Listen and fall in love. Listen again. And again and again and again. I won't judge, I've been doing the same thing all morning.

Happy Friday, friends! I promise consistent content will be back to this blog soon... starting with Monday's #COLLABOREADS post! YAY.