Currently // September 2019

My friend Anne from In Residence hosts this fun monthly link-up, and it’s a short and sweet way to share snippets from my world this month!



Purple Carrot meals! It took me a long time to find a vegan meal service that also had gluten-free options, but I finally did, and it’s been a gamechanger. I’m not a fan of meal prepping (I just never could figure out a way to do it that worked for me) and this takes all the guesswork out of things. The meals are easy and DELICIOUS as well as diverse — it’s not just salads or Buddha bowls— and I’ve loved everything so far. I’m saving all the recipes so I can eventually stop my subscription and just have a great arsenal of meals on hand, but for now, I’m getting 3 meals delivered about every other week. (I have 2 free boxes I can share — leave a comment below if you’re interested in trying it out!)


I’m taking a hard BREAK from spending nights anywhere that are not my own house with my own bed. I housesat a tonnnnnnn this summer and am really grateful for the extra income (see below!) but goodness, it’s hard for me to be out of my usual rhythm and to get less rest. I’m spending September slowing way down and taking an intentional break is going to be good for me — mind, body, and soul.


I’m discovering new authors and books this fall thanks to the Book Sparks fall campaign #hitthebookclub — it’s so fun to get to be part of something like this as one of the partners! I’m stoked to read these awesome new books from an incredible lineup of authors (check it out here!), and even more excited to do some giveaways to share them with you. Starting a separate Instagram account for me to overshare about books has been such a fun and wild little thing that has grown in ways I never EVER expected and I’m really grateful!


This isn’t happening yet, but I’ve been asking around for good churches/pastors/sermons to listen to (thanks, Instagram followers!) — one thing that’s been newly challenging about being on staff at my church is that the way I engage with our sermons is different. I’m listening through the lens of my job as the communications coordinator now, and that means it doesn’t often feel like I can truly just absorb and receive what’s being taught. I’m looking forward to listening to sermons from other places where I can listen simply to listen and learn and worship! Any you would recommend?!


I’m trying HARD to save $$$ this season to really focus on paying off my credit card debt… it’s been just sitting there for years and I’m the WORST at saving money… so it’s a real struggle. But! I have a budget made in the EveryDollar app (I love it!) and I’m getting better at sticking to it in addition to throwing all additional babysitting/housesitting income into the mix. It WILL be all gone before my next birthday in May, mark my words!

What are you up to currently?