A Gluten-Free + Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

A Gluten-Free + Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

Avoiding turkey doesn't mean your Thanksgiving meal has to be boring or tasteless-- there are SO many amazing vegan and gluten-free dishes you can make and enjoy!

Currently // Nov. 2017

Here are a few little snippets of life currently-- from the jeans I'm loving to the appointment that's stressing me out to the big pot of chili I enjoyed eating and sharing this week!

Five Finds Friday // Nov. 13

This link-up is the brainchild of Holly and Taylor, two of my favorite online friends. Check out their sites and give them some love!


I have become a bigger Bieber fan as of late (his new songs are killer!) and when this popped up on Facebook, I was curious. It's HILARIOUS. Ellen is the best and Bieber did so great with this prank.


I love this from Verily Magazine: A Field Guide to Layering Sweaters and Button-Ups because fall is here (and most mornings feel like 100% winter) and I'm still trying to look cute for work even with my layers on layers!


Today is the Thanksgiving potluck at work, and I STRUGGLED to think of something gluten-free and vegan to bring that other people would really want to eat too! I found this recipe for "Shredded Brussels Sprouts + Fall Vegetable Salad" from The First Mess and it inspired me!

I ended up hardly following what she did, and totally concocted my own salad/slaw thing. Mine has shredded napa cabbage, shredded red cabbage, carrot matchsticks, tiny broccoli bites, a little shredded radish, a little shredded apple, green onion, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, sunflower seeds, and a sesame ginger dressing. It looks good, and I hope it tastes good too!


And then when people ask us, why is it so important to you? Why is it so important to you to have men and women leading together, to have visible minorities in positions of power, to seek out and elevate and amplify and submit yourselves the voices of people outside the usual leadership and power narratives? Why do you make it a priority to model this crazy way of working together?

Then we can reply it’s not because it’s 2015, but because this is the Kingdom of God, hallelujah, taste and see.

So, what would it look like if our churches looked like what Scripture tells us about the Kingdom of God?

I think they just might look a lot more like the new Canadian cabinet.
— Sarah Bessey

What the Church Could Learn From the New Canadian Cabinet by Sarah Bessey (author of Jesus Feminist-- a must read-- and Out of Sorts--on my to-read list) was a fantastic read.

I (obviously) don't live in Canada, but everything I've been seeing in the news about their new cabinet has encouraged me and given me hope for the political world. This post confirms those hopes and paints a beautiful picture of what Kingdom living on earth can (and is beginning to) look like in real, stunning ways.


This post. This friend's honest telling of the letting go of her dad, slowly, because dementia is stealing more and more of him, it's stunning. It brought tears to my eyes.

I'm thankful for another week, for temps in the sixties and seventies, for friends that know just the words to speak when I'm in a funk, for unexpected texts full of good news, for words that just feel good to write, for fun plans ahead this weekend. Choose joy today.

Thankful: Feeling or Expressing Gratitude

Thankful: feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.

I'm thankful for freedom. For the kind that comes from living in a country where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are protected and defended daily. For the kind that comes from being washed in the blood of a sinless Savior who died to release my chains and draw me close to His side forever. For the kind that lets me worship, lets me write and speak and publish, lets me love, lets me live as I do.

I'm thankful for grace. For the undeserved gift of extravagant, amazing grace that washes over me and floods me and changes everything about me. 

I'm thankful for family. For all the people that have known me from my first breath and support me unconditionally. For the memories, the traits and the traditions we all share. For the times we can all be close even though we all live far.

I'm thankful for community. For a church that is vibrant, alive, welcoming, growing. For my small group and how we've grown as believers, people and friends over the past year. For my circle of friends who laugh with me, eat with me, adventure with me, do life with me. For the Rethink guys and The Rising team and all of their persistence and dedication to changing the world through their words and their art. For the #fireworkpeople who light up every day with beautiful encouragement and passion and fire.

I'm thankful for change. For a different life and different goals and different dreams today than I had last year, because that means I'm growing. For new circumstances and new challenges, because they mean that life is moving onward and I'm not stuck.

I'm thankful for technology. For being able to make friends all over the world through Facebook and Twitter and blogs. For a platform I can use to share my heart through my writing with anyone.

I'm thankful for creativity. For museums full of art from centuries past to remind us where we came from, what we saw, what we found beautiful and meaningful. For websites full of words that challenge and inspire and connect us. For crafts and for dance and for murals and for music.

I'm thankful for joy. For giggles from children discovering new things in this world. For laughter shared with friends that brings tears to our eyes and aches to our stomachs. For a deeply rooted freedom that bubbles over in trusting faith and lasting happiness and unwavering belief.

I'm thankful for forgiveness. for redemption. for healing

I'm thankful for unity. for shared meals. for solitude.

I'm thankful for the unexpected. for provision. for protection.

I'm thankful for Jesus. for the resurrection. for salvation.

I'm thankful for life.

I'm thankful for love.

I'm thankful.D