The RAD Stuff // Vol. 8

All the random things I love and want to share from all around the Internet get gathered up into these unpredictably posted roundups... There's little rhyme or reason, and a lot of fun little things to learn, read about, listen to, and enjoy.

I have made SO much progress when it comes to eliminating unnecessary waste in my kitchen, and this "zero-waste produce storage" post has even more ideas I can't wait to implement!

Speaking of veggies... these are SO BEAUTIFUL. Nature, you guys. It's so cool.

My sweet friend Lauren sent me an INCREDIBLE sermon recently, and you guys, it blew me away and felt like it was EXACTLY for me. It's a must-listen if you feel like anything in your life (your work, your love life, etc) is lacking. Man, so good.

Classic children's books + Pantone = a winning combo

I love designing beautiful things for work, and I love even more when they're helpful and things I would ACTUALLY use in my life. Enter: this 31 day Scripture writing challenge!

It's been a priority of mine over the recent months to read many more books by authors of color (all colors) and I'm so grateful Deidra Riggs compiled this list of 100 books by Christian authors of color. Adding so many of these to my library holds list and Amazon wish list!

I'm seeing In The Heights (Lin-Manuel Miranda's first Broadway musical!) TONIGHT and I'm the most excited. Biggest fan of musicals over here! Now, if only I could get Hamilton tickets...

Whole30 always bothered me because of how pro-meat it was... so I love that this blogger took on the challenge of a vegan Whole30! Lots of awesome recipe ideas here!